Contemporary Jewellery

Fabiana Gadano





Short Workshops:

MA, Jiro Kamata y Sayumi Yokouchi, Bs. As., Argentina. 2011.

Hacking ideas, Stefano Marchetti, Munich, Germany. 2010.
Contemporary Jewelry, Charon Kransen, Bs. As., Argentina, 2008.

Japanese Lacquer techniques, Francine Schloeth, Bs. As., Argentina. 2007.
Other tools to work on, G. Draper, CCEBA, Bs. As., Argentina, 2007.
From inspiration to expiration, R. Puig Cuyas, CCEBA, Bs. As., Arg. 2006.


Jorge Castañón. 2007- 2001.

Aschian Sarquis. 1995 – 2000.
School of Visual Arts, New York, USA. 1989.
Industrial Design, Fine Art Dept., La Plata National University. 1982-1986.
Carlos Morel Fine Art School, Quilmes, Argentina. 1978-1981.

Publications and prizes

Designing and making rings and bangles, Crowood Press, UK. 2017.

Eclat. Masters of New Jewellery Design, Promopress, Spain. 2014.

I Love You, Design Jewelry and Accessories, Designersbooks, China. 2014.

500 Silver Jewelry Designs. Lark Books, USA. 2011

Rings. Promopress, España. 2010 / New Rings 500+ Designs from Around
the World. Nicolas Estrada Editor.

Pendants. Lark Studio Series. 2010

500 Pendants and Lockets. Lark Books. 2008

The Art of Paper Jewelry. Lark Books, USA. 2006

500 Bracelets. Lark Books, USA. 2005

Special mention Premio Fondazione Cominelli 2015.

1º Acquisition Prize. Salón Diario La Capital, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. 2012

Collective Exhibitions

LOOT 2018: MAD about jewelry. New York Museum of Arts and Design.

Winding and connecting, Ariane Hartmann gallery, Hagen, Germany, 2018.

 A jewel made in Greece, AJMG. Athens, Greece. 2018.

 NOD Not only decoration in Alja&friends gallery. Vienna, Austria. 2017. Premio MAD. Museo de Arte Decorativo. Buenos Aires. 2017.

Fragments, Ariane Hartmann gallery, Hagen, Germany. 2017.

Quoil gallery, Wellington, New Zealand. 2017.

No-Gram online shopping, Italy. 2016.

Wasser, Ariane Hartmann gallery, Hagen, Germany, 2016.

Sutileza. Beyond textile jewelers. Museo Hernández. Bs. As. 2015.

LOOT 2015: MAD about jewelry. New York Museum of Arts and Design.

 Figuraciones. Joyeros Argentinos. Museo Hernández. Bs. As. 2015.

Cominelli Foundation, Brescia, Italy. 2015.

 Les Cinq éléments. Opus 2: l'eau , Pôle Bijou Galerie, Baccarat, France. 2015.

Cominelli Foundation, Brescia, Italy. 2014.

Beyond textile, 21 jewelers from Argentina / Facebook Galerie Help u zelven,

Winterswijk and Cervantes Institut, Utrecht in Netherlands, Galería Lalabeyou and Context in Spain, Galerie Cebra,  Dusseldorf in Germany. 2014.

Tema Pendiente  Jewelry from recycled materials. Centro Cultural de España   en Argentina. CCEBA. Bs. As. 2013.

Tiempo Joyeros Argentinos association. Arte y Parte Gallery, Bs. As., Argentina, 2013.

Emotions Japanese lacquer on contemporary jewellery pieces. Museo de la Mujer and New Insights from Japan Cultural and Information Center, Embassy of Japan. Bs. As., Argentina, 2013.

Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll Vices or Lifestyle? International exhibition. Winkler Gallery, Kempten, Germany and Galería 42, Módena, Italy, 2012. Deutsches Goldschmiedeshaus, Hanau, Germany, 2013.

Salón de Artesanías Argentinas. Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Bs. As. Argentina, 2012.

Salón Diario La Capita Museo Castagnino. Rosario. Santa Fé. Argentina, 2012.

Fiesta Cómplices jewelry group . Anika Shop. Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2012.

In Line, In Metal  Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, USA. October 2011.

SOFA Chicago, Aaron Faber Gallery. November 2011.

Letters Cómplices jewelry group. Espacio Ideal. Bs. As., Argentina, 2010.

Caleidoscopio  Joyeros Argentinos association. Galería Pladi, Mexico, 2010.

Jewels that tell stories Collective exhibition. Fwiya, Graciela Lescano's workshop and Fabiana Gadano's workshop. Yrurtia Museum, Bs. As. Argentina, 2009.

La Nave Workshop. Arte y Parte Gallery. Bs. As., Argentina, 2008.

Memory, Alice in Wonderland and Paths Cómplices jewelry group. Espacio Ecléctico, Bs. As., Argentina. 2006, 2007, 2008.

Jewelry Journey “Air” , Germany, 2006, Argentina  and USA, 2007.

Joyas, Joias Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2004.

ArteBA 2003, Paper and Silver Jewelry. Museo del Papel booth.

La Nave Workshop. Gral. San Martin Cultural Center. Bs. As., Argentina,  2001.

Wheiler Seidel Gallerie and Archetype Gallery, New York, USA, 1990.