Contemporary Jewellery

deseo | ba. as. | desire


Espacio Niceta
Niceto Vega 5067
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

October  2012


Desire, student's exhibition

I understand contemporary jewelry as a practice where different perspectives come together, the subjectivity, the discourse of an idea and the valuation of materials and their transformations. These factors result in objects to be carried on the body.

Pieces of jewelry originated in artistic and functional requirements. Depending on the message it has to transmit, different materials will be used; those that best meet each idea.

Objects-jewels, in which portability allows direct contact with the body, creating links between the wearer, the artist and the observer, awakening the desire to use and to transport them to convey the messages they carry.

My goal as the teacher in charge of the workshop is to accompany the creative course of each attendee, stimulate their search and guide them to accomplish their projects, so that with work, effort and time they will be able to develop their own language.

Respectful attitude for the idea, freedom of expression and the preservation of the successive stages in the development of the exercises are essential to achieve this goal.

Words, sketches, gestures and experiences build the projects, although doubts and alternatives usually abound. When finally, the projects become certain they are dreams realized; nevertheless, they surely have required from the artist the renunciation of some expressions and the flourishing of others.

The workshop is a journey, a transformation and rethinking of our longings.

Desire is a pause in the path, a lapse to reflect and share experiences to continue the journey.

                                                                                                        Fabiana Gadano

Participant artists:

María Camicha, María Celina De Lorenzi, Martha Gigena, Liliana Ginocchio, Marcia Helman, Wanda Juarros, Heidi Kramer, Liliana Labarta, Gabriela Miguel, Gabriela Nirino, Ana Paredes, Alicia Resio, Claudia Rosenberg, Liliana Schissel, María Eugenia Solís, Gabriela Squassini, Sandra Tamborini, Gabriela Trabazzo, Anita Zalts y Beatriz Zarazaga.